Gratitude is the way of living!

Gratitude is what is all about.

If you want more inner peace?

If you want more happiness?

If you want more joy and energy in your life?

Gratitude is the solution.

You can pray for what you want. Only praying is not what you think it is.

Maybe when you think of praying, you think of someone sitting on his knees with there hands touch eachother and asking for what they want. Asking with a question.

Thats not the sort of praying that gets the results of a happy life.

When you want something, you have to send out the energy that you already got it.

Because everything in the Universe matches everything.

So if you send out that you don’t have that thing, then you exactly won’t get that thing.

If you send out that you are happy, then you will be happy. The Universe always matches your energy, your feelings, your real thoughts about that.

So it is always about the underlying thought and feeling. The Universe always matches the unconscious feeling. If that is the same as the conscious, then its ok. But if you say that you are joy and you are unconscious not feeling joy, then the Universe matches the feeling that is underneath.

Maybe you want more money and you ask for more money, because you don’t have it now. Then the Universe will match the feeling of not having it now, because you ask for it.

If you don’t ask, but be thankfull for all the money you have, and you really are, so the feeling underneath is also about abundance, then the Universe will match abundance.

But don’t use it for small things. Use being thankfull for all the gifts for the world, for others and all beings in the Universe.

Use it to get more money, so you can give more money, not only for your own sake, because then it will not come.

Be thankfull for all the beauty in the world.

Say thanks for every gift of every moment.

Say thanks for all the uniqueness everyone is.

Say thank you for all the miracles, because everything is a miracle.

Say thank you that you exist, because you are!

You are.

Gratitude is a wonderfull miraculeus tool to say thank you to the Universe and give it back.

Thanks for a chance for living. Living now in this miraculeus magical time and space.

Thank you!

Love and Light,


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