Need help with feeling less worthy?

You are beautiful and perfect as you are.

You are incarnated this time in this place.

You are now incarnated in this unique form with this unique gifts, talents and an unique story. That is for a big reason.

You are here to share this gifts with the world!

There is a greater purpose for you here on this planet. You are here to share your uniqueness.

You are not less worthy then someone else.

Only the fact that you are here now at this moment, is already enough reason for your worthiness.

If you work at a coffeeplace or an office or as a great well known spiritual leader, it doesn’t make a difference in your worthiness. You are special and worthy just because you are you.

And you share your uniqueness with the world.

You are and always will be 100% worthy of being here.

And you can never be less worthy then someone else.

Everyone has there own reason for being here on earth. But it doesn’t matter what you do, because your being is enough reason for 100% worthiness.

Everyone is equal. We are all one, so we can never be less worthy. We are all divided parts of the one. All divided unique parts of that one thing. The same as one drup of water in the ocean is different then all the other drops, but is still that one ocean. All ice crystals are different, but they are all part of that one big peace of ice.

Believe in your selfworth, because you are the most beautiful unique being on earth, just like everyone else.

Share your uniqueness with the world, because that is the reason you are here!

Are you ready to share your gifts with the world?

Are you ready to live your mission?

Do you not know what your talents, gifts are and what your mission/ purpose here is? Then contact me for an transforming coaching session or start an allround transformation proces for 6 months.

Love and Light,


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