Everything is possible,

when your heart is completely open!

Meditating in Ibiza

My Youth was full of suffering and lots of negativities. There was the one life-event after another. I was pulled into a negative spiral downwords and everything went worse and worse. This all changed when there came a light into my life, when I was 18 years old. It was a book and a documentairy that changed my whole way of seeying the world. From then I perseived the world a lot different. There was hope and trust again. There was light in the darkness again. I had a reason to wake up again after a long time of depression. I came to understand how the Universe works and how I could create my own reality. From that moment on I got away from that negative spiral and into the Light. Into the beauty and the magic of the world. It was still a long way to go, but everything shifted bit by bit.

There came a lot of years of Love and Light and then when I got pregnant the depression came in an instant back. There were more things for me to heal and discover. There were a lot of things under the surface that had to be healed and were in the dark still. They all came to the light and gave me a lot of stuff to work on. This gave me a lot of new experiences and a lot of new insights and healingmethods.

So now I am a lot more gifted to help other people. I know about the dark sides of life and the Light sides.

My enormous drive and motivation got me to where I am today. And my life is wonderfull, miraculeus and full of Love, Joy, Abundance and Aliveness. Things came to the surface and I worked more on myself and my heart completely opened so the Light can beam out.

My mission is to shift myself and the world to a higher state of consciousness. A world where there is the highest purest form of unconditional love and all hearts are open. Where we all spread the love and beam the light out! A platform where there is only unity.

So have lots of fun discovering your new joyfull path!

Love and Light,