Beautiful conversations with the Spiritguides

You are never alone! You are always surrounded with your Spiritguides.

Yesterday evening I had a conversation with my Angels and Spiritguides and I got a lot of confirmation again.

The connection deepens everyday.

I am building my connection and that is why it deepens.

I was studying again about channeling and contact with my Angels. And I was watching some interviews about psychic mediums and Angels.

I am interested more now, because last Saturday my consciousness completely opened and every day now I do a lot of channelings and there is a lot happening now.

Everything comes through and I am now finding out how to use at the best and how to make this practical, so that I can teach about it and develop it more.

For years I get so much signs from Spiritguides that I am not alone. That they are there for me. That they protect and guide me. That I am loved and blessed.

The Spiritguides are always there for us. And when we ask for their guidance, they will show us that.

They are also always with me when I drive the car and ask for guidance for a safe and joyfull trip. I always thank them for everything and for guidance and they love that!!

They give signs by throwing feathers everywhere and showing us equal numbers everywhere, like 11.11 or 444 or 33 etcetera.

They also always let me know that they are here when I get a loving shivering through my body. And much more.

I love to thank them for everything and they love that too.

Yesterday I was watching an interview about Angels and I immediatly practiced what they said and immediatly felt their presence again.

They then showed me, by the volume on my laptop, it was 44. And 4 is the Angelnumber. Then a couple of minutes later, they showed me the number 444. It was amazing. And every time when I say thank you when they give me signs, they show me more.

I thanked them also for bringing me more paying clients and exactly at that time, that I wrote this sentence down, I got a new call from a client and I got an email from a new client. So wow, it was instant manifestation again. Magic! Love it!

And this went on the whole evening. I also had a lot of clients yesterday and all the channelings where so beautiful and spot on. It felt miraculeus. It was amazing.

In the afternoon and also today with my daily walks, feathers where everywhere. They showed me constantly their presence.

There is so much beauty and so much love in the world. Living on earth can be very difficult and challenging, but knowing that the Spiritguides are always having our back, gives me so much strength, joy, love and fullfillment. And also courage to go further. To surrender and not giving up.

The Universe, the Spiritguides, Angels, Divine are there always for us. You are never alone!! If you ask for help, it will be there. Always! But you have to open your eyes and open your heart to see it, so that you can receive it!

Deepen your connection with your Spiritguides. They are waiting for you to ask them for help. Because you have free will, and they can not encounter themselves without your asking, only in extreme situations, they will do that, for your bestwill.

So ask for help. There is a whole army from heaven waiting for you to ask them to help you!

Love and Light,


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