High End Transformation Programme

You have it all but still feeling empty

Your life looks great on the outside, but you are not happy inside and feeling not fullfilled, but empty. It looks amazing on instagram, but it isn’t for you.

You are constantly looking for the next big thing.

It looks like everything you accomplish, doesn’t bring that real joy and lasting fullfillment in you.

You are here for the big transformational change of the true happy healthy fullfilled you, that feels free! The highest life for the unique you!

You want to get rid of that extra emotional baggage that is still bothering you.

You miss something and you feel that there is still much more that you can accomplish.

You want a life of more meaning, living your purpose. You want to live your unique expression, share your talents and live your highest values.

Maybe you have had a traumatic experience and are emotionally wounded or physical tired and done with suffering.

Maybe you did already a lot in your life, but missing the life that really is true to the True You.

Then this Programme is the answer for you!

Living the best Highest life according to the TRUE UNIQUE YOU!

You are someone who always wants to get the best out of yourself and your life.

You will do everything for that.

You only want the best of the best.

You go for GOLD.

You are someone who constantly set new goals and do everything about that to achieve them.

If you want something you are gonna do everything about that to get it.

You will always invest in yourself and you know that that is important.

You want to give your all, always.

You want the best at every aspect of your life, your health, body, work, loving relationships, family and more.

You want to give your life more depth and meaning.

You want to work on your emotional baggage and heartwall so that your life will grow in a epic way.

You want to take your chances everywhere.

You want to get everything of life.

You want to learn new things to elevate your life to the highest.

You know that life can be magical.

You know that there is an amazing great power within you, and you want to put this into the world.

You are so ready for the best of the best, the highest life there is for you.

Then this Programme is it for you!!!

What is in this 6 months Programme:

  • 6 livemeetings in nature or if you prefer phone calls(when doing everything online)
  • 6 zoomsessions
  • Videos
  • A closing diner (or if you do the programme at distance, you get an extra Coachingsession)

The combination of coaching, training en advice.

  • Heartwall removal
  • Releasing lots of emotional baggage
  • Tons of wisdom and extra advice
  • LoveTransmission healings
  • Chakrahealings
  • Clearingwork


  • You learn methods how to communicate with your body and subconscious
  • You are gonna know what is most important for you, your highest values
  • You learn how to process emotions so that they don’t get stuck in the body
  • You learn balancing your whole system, balancing the chakras en grounding, aligning everything, connecting with Divine
  • You learn visualizing and manifesting very easy and fast what you want
  • And lots more!!

You are so more than ready to start with the transformative coachings and training. To clear out what is blocking your true happiness.

Yes, I want the best of the best! I want to live the highest most happiest healthy fullfilled life! Sign me up for the High End Transformation Programme


I am very grateful to Jamie Vousten for The Emotion Code sessions and Coaching Program I am following with her.

It helps me to deal with a difficult time when I have been very ill at home and to spread my wings step by step and enjoy everything around me. And also to deal with my physical complaints and feel good. Jamie teaches me to listen well to my inner self and every week I get better at it. The emotion codes sessions are very nice, it feels like 5 kilos of baggage slipping away from you every time. The sessions are very nice and special. Also the coaching programm is wonderful, we walked together through the woods and spiritual things happen and she helps me with good advice.

Jamie helps me to get more energy, find balance and listen to my inner voice. I am very grateful that I ended up with her, she really is the best coach I have had and she makes contact with The Emotion Code sessions with your subconscious. She will answer everything you ask, what is good and not good for you and with your emotions too.

I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you dear Jamie! You are the Best!

Jamie Crafoord (Founder Calm your tits, Tv Host-Presentatrice Luxry Tv, Actrice GTST, Model and Social Media)

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