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”I experience Jamie as an incredibly great psychic. Have had several sessions with her now. She not only gives clear answers, but also a lot of peace and reflections to come out of situations stronger! Very definitely a pleasant psychic who is very helpful.” Wilma

”Super psychic! Felt it well and without I have too ask many questions gave the answers by herself.” Claudia

”Amazing Reading and Healing!” Nicole

”Dear Jamie, I want to thank you again for the amazing and nourishing conversation. Everytime when I talk to you, I feel so much more relieved and calm. You stay always patient, compassionate and understanding and you repeat it as much as needed. I love that. You are amazing! My favorite Psychic. ❤️❤️” Liset

”Fast and to the core of your strength.” Daisy

”Jamie is so sweet! And again, because I have had more readings with her, great tips that I will start working on immediately! Valuable!” Jasmijn

”Amazing and truthfull conversation!” Latifa

”Thank you for your sweet, nourishing, motivating, uplifting words and insights! ”Sanne

”Dear Jamie, Thank you! You are so good and how special to hear all of this. I come back soon! ”Mandy

”Nice conversation, clear insight and clear answers, not too woohoo.” Butterfly

”Jamie, Thank you for this nice conversation. It was very special and it helped me a lot. No question is too much for you and you take your time. The messages you get through you pass on quickly. Thank you!” Greetings Els

”Very good advice! Thank you Jamie :)” Funda

”Thank you Jamie for the conversation and advice. See you in 2021 sometime again for another reading.” Barbara

”Was very clear with her answers and gave fine advice thank you.” Joanneke

”Again super great tips, I’m going to work on them!” Jasmijn

”Received a fine confirmation of a difficult choice.” Charlotte

”Thanks for the valuable insight!” Love, Anique

”Quick and clear answers and good advice. Would like to come back again.” Simone

”Super fast, clear! so very nice. Thank you.” Sandra

”Very nice and honest conversation.” Astrid

”I can now say that for the 2nd time I had a very nice and good chat session. Total of I think 2x an hour plus. Jamie is bright, direct and clear. Jamie helped me also with the Emotion Code. What she mentioned during the session was very relatable. I was not familiar with it yet, but I am very grateful that Jamie helped me with it!” Yasmine

”It was very clear. She is such a sweety!” Samantha

”She really put my mind at ease! thanks” Manon

”Jamie her energy is really nice, very sweet and compassionate. 5***** from 5 from me!” Tess

”Was SUPER nice again! What a fine sweet woman! Thank you!!!” Jasmijn

”For the 2nd time with Jamie. First time I had a healing on the heart wall and break through blockages. That helped so much. Today a photoreading of a dog. Everything was exactly true as it was. She is so right and tells the truth. I find Jamie very clear and is quick with her answers and very broad knowledge. Beautiful person thank you for all the insights.” Simone

”Truth!!!” Cindy

”She answers right away and is honest, had great conversation! Thank You.” Linda

”Sweet woman, takes time for you and for all your questions!” Indra

”Jamie is very sweet and direct. Helped me very quickly. I received a healing and reading from her. Afterwards I felt lighter and nicer. A conversation with Jamie is definitely recommended!” Bianca

”She knows exactly about you. She truly feels your energy. Had a great conversation.” Nicky

”Very good and pleasant advice.” Nieke

”Amazing girl, not long-winded and very open.” Daan

”To the point, fast and clear. I can get on with it for a while, very nice!” Patricia

”Beautiful conversation and she is very sweet! Catherine

”Sweet smooth lady, to the point. Recommended!” Yvon

”Thank you Jamie xxx.” Lisa

”She felt my energy and was exactly right, she said aspects that I really recognized in my daily life! Had a very nice conversation.” Jeanne

”What an amazing woman. Is all true what she says. Great tips!!!” Simon

”Immediately a clear answer, very nice and pleasant!” Lique

”Jamie is fast and tells the Truth! Connection is strong. So I trust the outcome and will definitely visit her again. Amazing!” Chantal

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