Wow, major transformations are taking place!

My life is full of blessings

Full of big transformations

I am so thankfull. Thank You Divine that I am so blessed.

The last months has been so lifechanging.

My choices have been so lifechanging.

It changed everything, but really everything.

The most big choices I made where, I:

  • released my heartwall, so that my heart is completely open.
  • released lots of the emotional bagage that I was carrying all of my life.
  • have been falling in Love with myself every day more and more unconditionally
  • was persistent in following my heart completely no matter what
  • was persistent in taking care of me and doing only good for myself
  • started to eat and drink only what my body needs and not what my mind think she needs
  • am following my path in every moment, my intuition is nr. 1
  • ask Divine for guidance every moment and surrender
  • speak my Truth, my true feelings about everything
  • am gratefull about everything and bless everything and everyone
  • meditate a lot and being more in nature all the time

And lots of more things

My path, the path from the heart, my mission here is my number one. I see my value now and believe in it completely. I am thankfull for all the blessings and I share my talents with the world. I am being of service everyday.

My life is not about me, but about sharing my gifts with the world. Everyday is about being of service of others and knowing my value and being completely in love with myself.

The transformations and shifts in my life are enormous.

I am completely full of aliveness and energized. I am healthy and my body and skin has never been that vitalized and beautiful. I am so full of Love and that love is so bursting out constantly. I am fully awake and my body, mind and Soul are completely aligned. I am super focussed and full of clarity. I am a clear channel for Divine and my readings are as clear as ever. I feel Rich. My life is full of abundance everywhere and it comes easily.

Also my emotional blockages are gone and I am all open. The emotional bagage is not causing extra trouble in my life and I can now encounter life as a Pure Being of Light.

My relationships are better than ever. The Love and Light are so Big, that its beams all out. I am so grounded and visible and I attract all of my Soulmates/Soulfamily super easily constantly. Others feel the Light and get magnetized. My relationships are full of Love and passion and spiritual connection.

This is what life is all about!

I almost finished my education to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and I already helped a lot of people and animals as a go between, between Divine. This is so miraculeus work!

This in combination with all the work i’ve done has caused now an enormous positive transformation, that is so Big that I can’t explain totally.

Wow I am so thankfull for all of this! Thank you Divine for all the blessings in my life and that I can share my Light now so much more.

Thank you for everything!

I also believe that this year 2020 is the year of the major transformations. And I am turning 33 years this year and that is for me also a miraculeus number. This Year I will never forget. I know that already.

Thank You! I am READY!! I am OPEN!

New!!! Allround Transformationtraject

I believe that I’m here to open hearts. To shift the world to a higher level of consciousness, a higher platform of Love. Pure onconditional Love.

I am here to empower others. To help them live there unique expression. To let them feel and know that they are worth it and that they are here, incarnated now at this time with an important reason. That they are valuable and others need them, the world needs them.

As an Certified Emotion Code Practitioner I help you to release emotional bagage, so that your heart opens and you can be your Pure Self. So that you can life your unique expression and gift your talents to the world. Because those talents aren’t there for you, but to share it with others. To be of service in the world. To shine your Light fully! To be unconditionally Love.

And I also make birthcharts to help you know more about what is written in the stars about you and your life. What is the blueprint for this life. So you know more about your mission, next to what you already are feeling and lead to when your heart is open.

In the allround transformation traject we work on all these things, that you will find your life’s purpose. That you will be your Pure Self and Shine your Light fully. That you will Live your full potential. To use your talents and be of service. To again open more hearts and bringing more love and Peace in the world. And stop the suffering.

You will be following your heart, following your passion and go through life with full aliveness and be totally energized. Fully aligned and connected with your soul, with your Soul’s Path and with the Divine.

Are you ready to start this journey with me?

Are you ready to start this transforming year 2020 with a new you, a you with an open heart that will fully live there exctatic life full of Love, Joy, Health and Abundance?

We are co-creating with Divine. When we completely surrender, we will be guided all the way. Let go of all control. Give everything back to Divine and you will be guided every moment and live the best life there is. Divine knows what is best for you. You cannot think that with your mind. You have to let your ego go and surrender and everything will flow with ease.

Does your heart makes a jump when you read this?

Are you gonna make the jump and set yourself free and start the new life?

Are you ready to start this journey with me?

Do you want more info about this allround transformationtraject, then you can contact me. Send an email to

I wish all of this also for you!

Love and Light,


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